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[ENG] Server Rules - BaseBuilder

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Server Rules

1. General

  1. An absolute ban on using programs / scripts that facilitate gameplay.
  2. Bullying/criticizing the game of users or their person is forbidden.
  3. Abusing voice or text chat is forbidden.
  4. We do not relocate private matters to the server. We solve all disputes in private conversations.
  5. It is forbidden to advertise other servers and networks.
  6. It is forbidden to purposefully obstruct the bases of the members of your team.
  7. Players on the server who are AFK will be automatically kicked.
  8. The players should keep their manners on the server.
  9. Spam/flood in the text chat is not allowed.
  10. The usage of avatars that promate nudity/racism/intolerance is forbidden.
  11. Player's nickname can't be offensive/racist.
  12. The player is required to do map purposes.
  13. "Ghosting" and other types of cooperation with the opposing team is strictly forbidden.
  14. Player, all offenses of other players, or complaints about them, is obliged to report it on U@ (admin chat). All reports on the normal chat can be ignored by the admin.
  15. It is forbidden to use "rtv" command at the end of the round
  16. It is forbidden to use command /respawn in order to enter a base.
  17. It is forbidden to declare false rules of the game/points of the server rules.
  18. Threatening with a ban is forbidden.
  19. It is forbidden to abuse the voice chat by people who haven't gone through voice change.
  20. It is forbidden to say or write "ez" or its equivalents.
  21. It is forbidden to use any kind of "Farming" on TT and CT.
  22. The allowed amount of "Pixels" is max. 2.
  23. The allowed amount of "Slowers" is max. 1.
  24. Shooting the TT spawn is forbidden.
  25. It is forbidden to jump from base to base


2. Administration

  1. The administration is obliged to pay special attention to compliance with the server regulations.
  2. The administration is obliged to take care of the AdvGaming.pl network's reputation.
  3. Administration is required to assist players when they need help.
  4. Administration is required to treat all players the same.
  5. The administration is obliged to adhere to the punishment tariff.
  6. The administration is required to check on the player whose game suspicious.
  7. The administration is obliged to report any technical problems to the ''Opiekun'' (Server Keeper)
  8. The administrator is required to comment in the complaint that concerns him or to appeal from the ban he has given (up to 24 hours from the appealance of the topic).
  9. The administrator must be able to justify every ban he has given.
  10. The administration is obliged to respond to messages from players (u@).
  11. The administrator is obliged to notify about the mistake in his ban, through information to the ''Opiekun'' (Server Keeper) or J@/H@
  12. The administrator can cancel or reduce the ban period if the player expresses remorse and improves his behavior.
  13. The administrator has the right to increase the ban time if the player breaks the rules on a regular basis.
  14. The administrator is obliged to punish the lower administrator (in rank) if he broke the rules (you should also inform the ''Opiekun'').
  15. The administrator should use y@ chat to instruct players, provide them with important information, etc.
  16. The administrator has the right to change the map if it is not currently working properly or causes the server to be depopulated.
  17. The administrator can ask the player to change nickname if it makes it difficult to identify him.
  18. The administrator has no right to delete his blocks in order to enter his base.
  19. The abuse of authority by the admin or failure to perform his duties will be punished.


3. Penalties for non-compliance with the regulations:

  • Not applying to Admin's recommendations - Kick -> Ban for 30 minutes
  • Nickname containing offensive / racist / vulgar content - Kick -> Ban for 1 hour -> Ban for 1 day
  • Avatar popularizing nudity / racism / intolerance - Kick -> Ban for 1 hour -> Ban for 1 day
  • Impersonating another player - Kick -> Ban up to 7 days
  • Using programs / scripts to facilitate the game - Pemanent ban
  • Advertising content unrelated to the AdvGaming.pl network - Ban for 7 days -> Permanent ban
  • Spreading false rules - Warning -> Kick -> Ban to 30 minutes
  • Threating with a ban - Kick -> Ban for 30 minutes -> Ban at Admin's discretion
  • Bullying/criticizing the game of other players or their person - Kick/Mute/Ban at Admin's discretion
  • Spamming in text chat - Kick -> Gag for 30 minutes
  • Swearing in text chat - Warning -> Gag for 30 minutes
  • Abusing the microphone - Mute -> Perm mute
  • Playing music in voice chat - Perm mute
  • Abusing the microphone before voice change - Warning -> Perm mute
  • Deliberately jumping off the base (while being CT) when TT (zombies) have passed it - Kick -> Ban for 10 minutes
  • Escape from the ban - Extension of the ban
  • Destroying other players' bases - Ban from 2 hours to 2 days
  • Blocking other players and their bases with blocks - Ban from 4 hours to 7 days
  • Shooting zombies that do not enter your base - Slay -> Ban for 30 minutes
  • Shooting TT spawn - Slay -> Ban for 30 minutes
  •  Jump from base to base - Ban for 10 minutes -> Ban for 30 minutes
  • Getting in someone else's base without their permission - Slay -> Ban to 30 minutes
  • More than 2 people in one base - Slay -> Ban for 30 minutes
  • Too many "pixels" or "slowers" in a base - Slay/Removal of blocks -> Ban to 7 days
  • Farming in any form - Warning -> Perm ban
  • Blocking respawn - Ban from 4 hours to 21 days
  • Cooperation with the opposing team - Kick -> Ban for 10 minutes -> Longer ban at Admina's discretion
  • Ping above 150ms - Warning -> Kick
  • AFK –> Kick

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